Our Philosophy

Samphire is built on four main principles

Animal Welfare
We believe that animals should be raised as naturally as possible so that’s what we do.We can say with confidence that all our meat has a great life under spacious Norfolk skies with plenty of fresh air and tasty meal times. All our animals are 100% free range.

Rare Breed Meat 
We support rare breeds because they thrive in non-intensive, natural farming environments and produce fabulous tasting meat. We are passionate about preserving what is special about our rural culture and heritage. All our meat comes from 100% pedigree rare breed animals.

Local Food 
We like locally produced goods because we believe in eating seasonally and making a connection through food with our environment. We believe this gives the reassurance of full traceability for the freshest, tastiest food around.

Small Producers
We like small producers and support their traditional methods and valuable products. We believe it’s better to be obsessed with something special rather than obsessing about price and competition.