Locally Produced.

Ethically Farmed.

Lovingly Made.


An award winning smallholding in Norfolk.


Ethical farming is at the heart of Samphire and we have been recognised by the RSPCA for our commitment to animal welfare.

Lovingly Made

Our food is really special because we believe it’s better to be obsessed with making something exceptional than obsessing about price and competition.

It’s not just our regulars who love our rare breed meat, Gary Rhodes said our sausages were the best he’d ever tasted and Giles Coren gave our delicious pork pies 10/10.

We sell our fabulous pork pies, sausages and other goodies in our farm shop and at local farmers’ markets.

Rare Breed Pork Pies

Crunchy pastry, well seasoned rare breed pork and just the right amount of jelly. What more could you ask for? Unless you’d like to add a little sweetness ….. perhaps one with onion marmalade?

All of our pies are suitable for freezing.


All our sausages are made from rare breed, free range pork to our own recipe and do not contain any colourings or flavour enhancers – they aren’t needed!

We make a number of different flavour sausages. To see what’s available this week just check out the pinned post our facebook page.

Our Lincolnshire mix sausage is an excellent partner to mashed potatoes and onion gravy. A great all rounder with subtle seasonings of traditional spices and herbs. Ginger, mace and nutmeg provide the base to the top notes of sage, onion and coriander.

Each pack contains 6 sausages.

Gary Rhodes tasted this sausage on UKTV Food and loved it, he said, “I have never tasted a sausage as good as that !”

Sausage Rolls

Handmade rough puff pastry and rare breed sausagemeat – delicious!

We can’t make these sausage rolls fast enough ! Once you have tasted them you will be hooked.

This is how sausage rolls should be, crumbly pastry and perfectly spiced sausagemeat from free range rare breed pigs.

All sausage rolls are suitable for freezing.

Scotch Eggs

Handmade (our hands obvs) using free range eggs and lincolnshire sausage meat from our rare breed, free range pigs. Then double, yes double, dipped in egg and panko breadcrumbs. Fried and then baked.


It’s basically sausage and egg with bread. It’s a breakfast ball of joy….

Chocolate Tiffin

Our very addictive, award winning chocolate tiffin.

Chocolate, biscuit, more chocolate, dried fruit and then topped with chocolate. No nuts but lots of chocolate! It can last for a few weeks in the fridge, but it never does ! We are told it can be frozen too.
Winner of a 2012 gold star in the Great Taste Awards.


Our delicious handmade florentines are piled high with almonds, cherries and sultanas and then dipped in dark chocolate. Sigh…